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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

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University Life

Students at the Islamic University are interested in the following basic aspects of academic life:

Student Clubs

IUN provides activities that enable you to pursue your personal interests outside the lecture hall and join any club on campus where you can meet other students, which gives you the opportunity to build your social, professional, and leadership skills and gives you a competitive edge in your future endeavours.

Health and Sports

Whether you want to get some exercise during the school day or join a sports team, the Islamic University of Najaf offers basketball and football courts, as well as a variety of other sports activities, in collaboration with the Student Activities Department and the Faculty of Physical Education and Physical Sciences.

Student Activities

The Student Activities Department celebrates the accomplishments of the students and is honored to collaborate with them and support their pursuit of excellence in all areas. Our main goal is to provide students with valuable experiences in building teamwork, planning events, and enhancing their social capabilities, leadership skills, and organizational skills by providing and organizing a range of extracurricular programmes and activities that enhance the development of student’s academic experience at the university, help in their progress, and correspond to their interests in the following areas: Student leaders and bodies; cultural and heritage activities; arts and music activities; housing unit activities; in addition to sports and health activities The Islamic University in Najaf offers numerous opportunities throughout the year to hold poetry festivals, book fairs, and bazaars to sell handcrafted collectibles made by college students.

Restaurants and Shops

In addition to many cafes and fast food restaurants on campus, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch in one of the many restaurants and cafes scattered around. The largest of these is the central student club.