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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

الأولIntroduction to the theatreof the absurd
الثانيBiography about Samuel Beckett
الثالثDiscussing the plot of the play
الرابعHow is absurd theater different from other theaters
الخامسExplaining the meaning of Godot
السادسRead and have students to comment on different points
السابعThe story of the two thieves
الثامنThe role of Vladimir and Estragon
التاسعThe relationship between Vladimir
العاشرRead and have students to comment
الحادي عشرThe first appearance of the messenger of Godot
الثاني عشرElaborate on the process of waiting
الثالث عشرThe appearance of Pozzo and Lucky
الرابع عشرThe Sadomasochism relation
الخامس عشرCommentary on speeches of Pozzo and Lucky
السادس عشرThe roles of Pozzo and Lucky in the drama
السابع عشرDifference between act one and act two
الثامن عشرSecond appearance of Vladimir and Estragon
التاسع عشرcommentary on act two
العشرونThe process of waiting is aimless
الحادي والعشرونSecond appearance of
الثاني والعشرونDifference between first and second appearance
الثالث والعشرونThe departure of Pozzo and Lucky
الرابع والعشرونWhat are the main themes given in the drama
الخامس والعشرونSymbolism in the drama
السادس والعشرونThe second appearance of the boy
السابع والعشرونCommentary on the boy’s speech
الثامن العشرونAimlessness of the process of waiting
التاسع والعشرونDiscussion about the important speeches given
الثلاثونStudents’ opinions about the drama