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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

الاولIntroduction to the course and discussion of the syllabus
الثانيPart 1 : The self-Developed language teacher
الثالثExploration of teaching
الرابعEFL and ESL Teaching settings
الخامسReview of the part one + quiz
السادسPart 2 : teaching language as communication among people.
السابعClassroom Management
الثامنEFL / ESL Material , Media and Technology
التاسعCulture and the Language Teacher
العاشرReview of the part two + quiz
الحادي عشرPart 3 : Teaching students to comprehend spoken English
الثاني عشرTeaching the conversation class
الثالث عشرTeaching students to read for meaning
الرابع عشرTeaching students How to process writing
الخامس عشرReview of the part three + quiz
السادس عشرType of Feedback
السابع عشرSimple idea to Improve Student Motivation
الثامن عشرFactors that influence Student's motivation in Education
التاسع عشرReview + quiz
العشرونLearning style
الحادي والعشرونComputer Assisted language Teaching
الثاني والعشرونTeaching grammar
الثالث والعشرونTeaching Vocabulary
الرابع والعشرونTeaching Pronunciation
الخامس والعشرونTeaching Culture
السادس والعشرونTeaching Writing
السابع والعشرونTeaching Listening
الثامن العشرونTeaching Speaking
التاسع والعشرون Reading Teaching
الثلاثونCourse Review